Promote Youtube Videos for $1 CPM

Promote your Youtube videos and websites for as little as $1 CPM
Real users and real results NO BOTS.

How Does it Work?

Our easy to use promotion system gives you access to targeted Bitcoin traffic.

Real Earnings

Simply submit the Youtube video you wish to promote and select your desired CPM and number of views.

Easy to Use

Real users view your videos and we pay them a % of the CPM, giving you cheap views and users fair rewards.

No Popups or Popunders

We never annoy users with popups or popunders.

Easy Payment System

All payments are handled by Coinpayments, so they are simple to use and hassle free.

Multiple Currencies

We accept multiple cyrptocurrencies as payment.

Faucets - Earn More

Use our services with your faucet and you can earn even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

for advertisers

What is the minimum payment?

The minimum Youtube campaign is 5000 views at a price of $0.001 per view. So the whole campaign will cost $5.

for advertisers

Is this advertiser safe?

Yes. Our users are not bots and come from all over the World. We have been using this method of about a year to promote our own content.

for advertisers

Do you use bots?

No. All views come from real users. Our system uses human validation after every view to ensure the user is human.

for advertisers

Why doesn't my view count increase on Youtube?

It will, it can take a little time to be reflected on Youtube, so just be patient.

for advertisers

How long till my video starts gaining views?

As soon as payment is cleared, your video will be added to our Youtube promotions page and users can start to watch it.

for advertisers

Do you accept payment through other means?

No. We like to keep payment simple, this is why we use Coinpayments. It is hassle free and very easy to understand.